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Firstrate supplies the best quality reciprocating saw in China. It is a handheld saw commonly used for demolition and remodeling. The reciprocating saw can be used to cut many types of materials such as wood, metal, PVC, and nails. Our reciprocating saws are fully qualified EU & NA Standards. Contact us to get advice!

Why Choose Firstrate as Your reciprocating Saw Manufacturer

Firstrate is a professional reciprocating Saw manufacturer in China. We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. All our products are certificated with GS CE EMC UL to support your business. Our Factory with the advanced performance and manufacturing equipment superb technology to ensure reciprocating saw quality more perfect.

Aside from that, Firstrate offers competitive prices and free samples for testing. We also provide excellent after-sales support. For your brand or business, choose Firstrate as your no.1 reciprocating saw supplier!

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Copper motor

Component Parts & Processes

FirstRate focus on product standardization and serialization of design, quality stability, and reliability. We can produce the reciprocating saw according to the  different customers’ requirements from different countries.

1. What accessory can I get with machine?

A:We usually can provide 2 blades ,1pc wood blade,1pc metal blade.

2. What is cutting Capacity of the reciprocating saw?

A: Its cutting capacity is 115mm in wood and 15mm in steel.

3. What is the cable length of the machine? Can it be extended?

A:The cable is 1.8m,yes,you can choose to extend the cable length.

4. Can you help me add some accessories?

A:Yes, we can , please tell me the accessory you need.

5. Is it too- free model ?

A: Tool-free Blades Change & Shoe Adjustment – Tool-free blade release chuck allows for quick and easy changes among versatile blades, providing more convenience during work. Pivoting shoes can be adjusted to find a suitable angle for cutting work.

6. Can you provide customized service?

A:Yes. We do customized services have been 20 years.Customized service includes:OEM brand label,color,color box/mailbox,manual,etc.

7. What's input power for reciprocating saw?


8.Does your reciprocating saw belt rotate function?

A:Yes,some model with this function.

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