First Rate FR2507 Sander

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First Rate FR2507 Sander, equipped with a powerful 430W motor and no-load speed range of 5000-12000 rpm. The sander’s 125mm sanding pad size ensures efficient sanding of large areas. Its ergonomic design and lightweight construction reduce fatigue during prolonged use. Ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts, our sander includes a dust collection system to keep your workspace clean and safe. Whether you’re removing paint or varnish, invest in our Electric Orbital Sander for a quick and professional sanding experience on any surface.


230V ~50Hz; 120V-60Hz

Input Power


No-load speed

5000-12000 RPM

Sanding Pad Size

125 mm

Product Description


Excellent performance:It is designed to provide a smooth sanding experience on any surface. Equipped with a powerful 430W motor and 5000-12000 rpm speed, this sander can handle tough sanding tasks with ease, saving you time and effort. The sander’s sanding pad size of 125mm ensures efficient sanding of large areas, allowing you to complete your sanding tasks quickly and with precision.
Ergonomic Design:The sander has a handle,This design and lightweight construction provide a comfortable grip during prolonged use, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.
With dust removal system:The sander features a dust collection system, which keeps your work area clean and dust-free, ensuring your safety and comfort while working.Whether you’re looking to smooth rough surfaces or remove paint and varnish, our Electric Orbital Sander is the perfect tool for the job.

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