First Rate 1/4 200W Electric Sheet Palm Sander

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The FirstRate FR118  1/4 200W Electric Sheet Palm Sander is a powerful, compact corner sander. Its design allows it to sneak into corners that sheet sanders wouldn’t be able to reach. The pointed style of sanding is also ideal for working around the edges of furniture and cabinetry. With a diverse skill set, you’ll find plenty of use for the Corner Cat in your garage, at home, or on the professional construction site.


230V ~50Hz; 120V-60Hz

Input Power


Sanding Pad Size

140x140x80 mm; 1/4"

Paper Mounting

Hook and loop

No-load speed


Power Cord Length

2.0m / 6.0ft

Product Description

Your jobs will be clear of debris with the onboard dust box. It collects waste accumulated from your work up through the holes drilled into the bottom of the unit. It’s reliable, too. The on / off switch is designed in such a way that dust will not make its way into the unit to create annoying jams. Handling will be simple with the tool’s compact size. Additionally, there is a notched rubber over mold on top of the unit that will let you maintain a comfortable grip, even in slippery conditions. You can’t go wrong with the First Rate name in the palm of your hand.

【Compact Design And Unique Shape】 allows you to dig into tight corners for flooring or stair sanding.

【Comfortable Rubber】with the rubber overmolding on top of the unit than increases friction between it and your hand. This lets you work effectively even in slippery conditions.

【Effective Dust Removal】 will keep your workstation clear of debris, so you can focus on the task at hand instead of having to take constant cleaning breaks.

【Dust Protected Activation Switch】 will not get lodged with debris, allowing you to start and stop in practically any degree of messiness.

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