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Firstrate multi-tools is definitely a good assistant in your daily life! We offer high-quality multi-tools with a wide range of RPM. Our multi-tools integrate cutting, sawing, grinding, and polishing functions in one. Small body but with big energy.6-speed adjustment provides more power. The corded type can continuously provide strong power and can work for a long time. The cordless type is not restricted by the power cord and can be carried with you. Contact us immediately for more information.

Why Choose Firstrate as Your Multi-Tools Manufacturer

Firstrate will be your honest and reliable partner! Firstrate is an OEM/ODM multi-tool manufacturer for over 20 years. We have certifications from GS, CE, UL, SAA, ETL, and more.

we also have a strong service team, from making orders to shipment, to provide you with thoughtful service.

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1. Can the Oscillating tool be used with sandpaper?

A: Yes, the Oscillating tool is also called a multi-function tool. It can be used with various saw blades and sandpaper. It has both cutting and grinding functions.

2. What is the power of the Oscillating tool?

A: We have 180W, 280W, 300W, 400W, 500W,etc.

3. What material is your head shell made of?

A: We usually use metal spray plastic, but we can also do metal spray silver.

4.Do your multi-tools have quick release function?

A: Yes, we have.

5.What accessories does your kit include?

A:1- triangle epoxy sand disc,1-flexible scraper blade, 1-stainless steel blade, 1- sand paper, 1-Semi-circular saw blades

6. What is the regular packing of the Oscillating tool?

A: BMC, or color box.

7. Do you have the certificate of your Oscillating tool?


8. What’s your Oscillating Angle?

A: 2.8° or 3.2° or 5°.

9. Will the metal parts of your machines rust?

A: Our machines are all oxidized and metal-plated. We will also check them before leaving the factory, and there will be no rust.

10. What scenarios is the Oscillating tool suitable for?

A: Wood opening, wood/door frame/thin metal/iron nails/carpet/water pipe/floor cutting, floor/plank grinding, tile cleaning, concrete filing and grinding.

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