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Firstrate is a leading heat gun supplier in China for over 20 years. We manufacture heat guns that are sometimes referred to as hot air guns. Our heat guns feature lightweight and easy to use. Our heat gun is designed with instantaneous heat and convenient operation.

We offer different types of heat gun such as infrared heat guns, industrial heat guns, corded heat guns, and more. These products are available in custom designs. Contact us for more information.

First Rate Hammer Drill Series

FR-HG8-E202 Heat Gun

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FR-HG10-E202 Heat-Gun

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FR-HG13-E203X Heat Gun

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FR1815 Heat Gun

FR1815 Heat Gun

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FR1818 Heat Gun

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FR1848 Heat Gun

FR1848 Heat Gun

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Why Choose Firstrate as Your Hammer Drill Supplier

Firstrate is a trusted OEM manufacturer in China. We have over 20 years of experience as a heat gun supplier. All our heat gun products have passed SAA, EU, NA, CE, UL, EMC, ETL, and more standards. All heat gun parts and components are tested to ensure quality.

Additionally, Firstrate factory is audited and passed BSCI standard. We are also well-equipped with advanced technology and production line. Thus, we have a full capability in providing your heat gun needs for your business.

Heat Gun
Heat Gun Circuit 1

High Power & Overheating Protection

The heat gun can quickly heat up to the maximum temperature in seconds with 2000W high power. which can make the work more quicker and efficient.

When an unsafe temperature is detected, the switch automatically shuts off the heat gun to prevent overheating.

Quality Control

In final production, We utilize the latest TPS production techniques to provide the “leanest” of assembly environs … a dramatic cost-saving process. Each and every assembled product endures “no-load” testing prior to guarantee your business.

High-pot testing

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FR-HG13-E203X Heat Gun

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A: According to the function, we usually divide it into four types. The first is the basic model, with two or three gears for speed regulation. The second is with temperature control. In addition to temperature control, the third one also has LED lights. The fourth one is with an LCD display, with temperature & air flow adjusting buttons. In terms of appearance, it is usually a single handle and a double handle.

A: Yes, usually when your market is the United States, you will require the power to be 1500W or 1600W, and the European market will be 2000W.

A: The first gear is 250/300L/min, and the second gear is 500L/min.

A: The first gear is 60°C, the second gear is 400°C, and the third gear is 600°C.

A: Our machine will emit smoke 30S before the machine is turned on, because the mica paper in the heat gun is easily damp, and it needs to be turned on and heated for a while, and the smoke will disappear. This does not happen during use.’

A: It is generally recommended to buy some switches, heating nozzles, heating wires, etc.

A: Color box/mail box, BMC+color box/mail box.

A: Our regular ones come with 4 accessories, 6 accessories, 9 accessories, etc. Accessories can also be added or reduced according to your requirements.

A: Generally with CE, GS, EMC, some with ETL. Can be exported to European and American markets.

A: car film, rust removal and thawing, water and electricity operations, packaging shrink film, etc.

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