FR-HG13-E203X 2000W Heat Gun

FIRST RATE heat gun was certified for trusted safety, Ergonomic weight balance design for a fatigue-free easy-to-use operation, Featuring a dual temperature setting hot air tool with an integrated thermal cut out for optimizing safety. Generally, hot air guns are used to heat water pipes, Remove ice, repair floors, Remove rust, car filming, and so on.

Input Power: 2000W

Temperature: I:60℃ II:60-350℃ III:60-600℃

Air Output:I:500L/min II:300L/min III:500L/min

VARIABLE TEMPERATURE – High Heat Adjustable 9-Temp & 3 Fan Speed features high/ low/ cool/ off 4 modes switch and 9-temp control via dialing the rear cover [ I: 140℉(60℃)@ 500 L/min, II: 176℉-572℉(80-300℃) @ 300 L/min, III:176℉- 932℉(80℃- 500℃) @ 500 L/min] can satisfy all your utility.

POWERFUL & RELIABLE – Heavy duty hot air gun with 12.5 Amp motor heats up to maximum temperature 932℉(500℃) quickly in few seconds and performs stable. Professional heater gives outstanding performance by keeping running 500 hours in max temperature (data from lab).

ERGONOMIC & SAFETY – Non-slip soft grip and weight balance design for easy-to-use, integrated hands-free support stand allows the gun sit upright for hand-free use. Professional built-in overload protection prevents electric heat guns from overheating due to misuse.

VERSATILE ACCESSORIES – 4 Nozzle deflectors & 5 paint scraper kit extend heat gun utility, Reduction nozzle for welding plastics, solering/ de-soldering, shrink wrapping, loosening seized bolts & nuts. Glass protection nozzle for paint or adhesive stripping neat heat-sensitive materials. Wide jet surface nozzle for paint or adhesive removal. Reflector nozzle for heat shrinking tubing, shaping PVC tubes, thawing frozen pipes.

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