FR40145/FR40155 First Rate 450W/550W Electric Jig Saw

FR40145/40155 jigsaw has 5 variable speeds, is suitable for different cutting materials. Laser rays help precise cutting, and the cutting lines are more precise and perfect. The tail can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust generated by cutting, environmentally friendly and sanitary.

Rated Voltage:230V 50HZ

Rated Power:450W/550W

No Load Speed:3000rpm

Cutting Wood:65mm

Cutting Steel:8mm

Power Cord:2m cable + LED power display to ensure safe working

【Powerful Motor with 5 Variable Speeds】The jig saw harnesses energy form premium chopper motor, which contributes to powerful performance and higher working efficiency. Meanwhile, good ventilation ensures safety operation and longer life span. In addition, 5 variable speeds up to 3000rpm allow you to control the speed based on your cutting requirements.

【4 Orbital Setting &45°Bevel Cutting】Switch the orbital knob from 0-3 setting so as to adjust the cutting aggressiveness according to different materials. Besides, it is equipped with a tilting shoe, which allows it for beveled smooth cutting from 45° left to right, and what you need to do is loosen and tighten the screws by means of hexagonal wrench provided.

【Laser & Ruler for Higher Cutting Accuracy】Cutting accuracy is taken into the consideration, and that’s why it is designed with laser. In this way, laser guide can illuminate cutting line for more precise operation. You can also install the ruler included enhancing the cutting precision further, helping to keep the jigsaw stable during working as well.

【Easy preparation & Convenient Storage】It is fairly easy for you to be skilled in using this jig saw with detailed instructions. Its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable gripping feeling to reduce fatigue. And you can secure the tool inside the storage box, which combines safe storage with convenient portability.

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