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A professional cordless drill supplier with a lower price and faster lead time.

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Full Certification Cordless Tool Factory

As one of the top Cordless Tool manufacturers in China. We provide a wide range of cordless tools. All are certified with UL/GS certifications. We commit ourselves to being your best option for OEM/OEM development through our team of experienced professionals.

NEW ESD Protection Li-ion Workshop

anti-static floors, positive air pressure chambers with automated scrubbers, and auto welders. Staff required to attire in sterile gowns and anti-static garb before connecting to GF cables. To enhance human productivity, quality, and stability of this fast rapidly evolving technology.

Li ion battery workshop

Cordless Angle Grinder

20V Lithium Battery Cordless Angle Grinder

Cordless Drill Driver

20V Lithium Battery Cordless Drill Driver

Cordless Impact Wrench

20V Li-ion Battery Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless Hammer Drill

20V Lithium Battery Cordless Hammer Drill

Cordless Jig Saw

20V Lithium Battery Cordless Jig Saw

Cordless Reciprocating Saw

20V Li-ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw

We Are The Cordless Tool Factory You've been Looking for

First Rate has been specialized in providing power tools OEM service for over 20 years. With modernized production lines, we supply a full range of corded and cordless tools.

We work hard with an unwavering commitment to be the perfect extension of your business by covering from R&D, manufacturing to comprehensive service through your order.

You got a specially assigned expertise to take charge of your order from the very beginning who will look over the whole manufacturing process.

We keep you informed of any progress to save your time and energy.

All parts will stand tests and only the qualified ones will be sent to the assembly line.
  • visual inspection
  • Cold resistance test
  • Cables dimensions test
  • Stators concentricity test
  • Motor dynamic balance test
  • Withstand voltage test
Orientation Drop TestThe tools are dropped from 1m high onto the concrete floor by different impacting points. Electrical safety shall not be influenced.No-load Running TestPlug the tools in to have them run with no load for 48 hours. After the test, the tools shall conform to UL & EN certifications.Performance TestWe conduct a random inspection by the percentage of 1% out of each order. The tools will carry their own task on the applied materials as the consumers would.
Fully automated, high precision, excellent performance.
  • Plate Forming——Stainless steel in rolls was punched by high-tech machines to take its rough shapes for making a tool.
  • CNC Grinding ——The punched pieces of steel are sent into the CNC workstation to be grinded. Perfection & precision is the standard.
  • Heat Treatment——The pieces will be treated under different temperature to be hardened to the required HRC to perform.
  • Stator Forming——The stators and principal axis are formed by treated raw materials with the help of advanced machines.
  • Rotor Winding——The rotors will go through insulation treatment that fills the gap between the winding insulation layer and the groove, so that the whole winding is insulated and bonded into one whole.
  • Plastic Injection——All plastic components made of Dupont’s raw material is in strict compliance with the international standards and conform to environmental protection standards.
  • After-sales warranty & Support– All of our products are made with care and covered for one year against manufacturing defects. We tried every means to reduce the failure rate, however, if there is a quality issue, which is rare, we will take full charge of it and help to tackle it well.
A: One battery can be suitable for all 18V or 12V line tools. 
A: Sorry dear, can’t use it with Makita’s or Dewalt’s battery. But you can customize a battery adapter that matches the Makita or Dewalt’s brand. 
A: We have the color box, nylon bag, BMC package, and mailbox. 
A: Yes, we have CE, GS, and EMC certificates. 
A: cordless drill,rotary hammer drill,angel grinder,jig saw.circular saw,reciprocating saw,multi tools,impact wrench,cordless screwdriver,die grinder,mini cut saw,Spotlights,ratchet wrench,Jobsite Fan,grass trimmer,chain saw,leaf blower,hedge trimmer,etc.

A: Yes, you can choose separate color box packaging, or independent packaging, allowing customers to select battery packs according to their needs.


A: It’s about 1.5hours.

A: YES,dear, welcome to OEM all tools with the same color.pls provide your color Panton number, we can make effect images for your reference.

A: Since the products are not developed at the same time, the organizations that make the certificates are slightly different. Most of the styles pass BV, and some styles pass TUV, Intertek. Our battery cell brands: Qixin and Mingyang, all have TUV certificates.

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