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Firstrate electric screwdrivers feature adjustable torque to meet your specific tasks. An electric screwdriver is the best option for driving and removing screws.

It has a compact, lightweight, and handy design. Most of electric screwdrivers are tuned enough for general purposes. Thus, it can reduce the risk of screw stripping and overtightening.

As an expert manufacturer, we make sure that all our electric screwdrivers are durable. You can also ensure that these products have superior power, high-performance, and long-lasting. Choose Firstrate as your top supplier from China. Request a quote today!

Choose Fristrate as Your Reliable Electric Screwdriver Manufacturer

Firstrate is a perfect choice for your electric screwdriver needs. Whether you are a brand owner or wholesaler, Firstrate can supply meet your requirements. With our high technology, we can produce all types of electric screwdrivers.

Additionally, we also offer low MOQ for your electric screwdriver orders. If you choose Firstrate, we can give a specially-assigned expert to handle your orders. As the leading manufacturer in China, we aim to support your business. Thus, we offer excellent after-sales services and warranty. Choose Firstrate as your primary supplier.

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Power Tools Assembley Line

Advanced automatic production lines & Output steady

FirstRate has a number of advanced automatic production lines and packing order to meet the customers’ different needs and also keep the output steady.

1. What kind of packaging can you do for cordless screwdrivers?

A:Normally we have color box,BMC,transparent display box,etc.

2.Can the cordless screwdrivers be folded and rotated?

A: There are rotatable and non-rotatable styles, you can choose.

3. how many capacity for your cordless screwdriver battery?

A:For 3.6V,we have 800mAh,1300mAh,1500mAh, can choose from it. For 18V,we have 1500mAh,2000mAh,2500mAh,3000mAh,4000mAh,5000mAh,you can choose from it.

4.How long does the 3.6V cordless screwdriver work?

A: Normally, can be used for about 30 minutes.

5. Does it have LED light?

A: Yes,it has LED work light.

6. What different voltage cordless screwdriver do you have to choose from?

A: we have 3.6V cordless screwdriver,18V cordless screwdriver and 18V brushless screwdriver,etc.

7.What is the Max torque of your cordless screwdriver?

A:For 3.6V,the Max torque is 2.5N.M,3N.M,3.5N.M,4N.M,5N.M,10N.M. For 18V,220N.M.

8. What are your regular accessories for cordless screwdriver?

A:We have bits, bits holder, flexible shaft.

9. Are your chargers detachable?

A:Yes,we have detachable charger, it is combination of USB and adapter.

10.How long is your charging time for 3.6V charger?

A:It’s about 3~5hours.

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