Your Best Concrete Mixer Manufacturer in China

Firstrate offers the best solution for your concrete mixer needs. We manufacture the largest selection of concrete mixer in China. You can purchase all types of concrete mixer at Firstrate. Our concrete mixers are available in different capacities and sizes.

All our concrete mixers are functional, long-lasting, and made from high-quality materials. For your business, choose Firstrate as your concrete mixer supplier. Enquire now!

Why Choose Firstrate as Your Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

Firstrate is a top concrete mixer manufacturer in China. We have the largest concrete mixer supply chain. Through our advanced production line and skillful workers, we are able to produce the highest quality products.

Aside from that, we also offer the best services, competitive prices, and long-term warranty. Firstrate also offer low MOQ to support your starting business. All our concrete mixers are certified by EU, ETL, UL, SAA, and more. We can send you our certifications in a PDF format if you desired.

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1.What power options do you usually have for your mixer?


2.Does the mixer have speed control function?

A: Yes, our mixers are speed regulated, but there are single speed regulated and two speed regulated.

3.What’s your protective type?what’s your protective class?

A:Double insulation.class II.

4.What the size of mixing paddle?


5.What accessories does a mixer usually come with?

A:1 wrench, 1 Carbon Brush, 1 mixing rod set.

6.What the connection clamp thread?


7.What’s the packing for mixer?

A: color box/mailbox.

8.What’s the certificate for mixer?


9.Which scenarios are suitable for mixer?

A:It’s suitable for mixer, putty powder mixer, paint mixer, video mixer,etc.

10.Can I customize the product color?

A:The chassis,speed controller,switch.

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