A List of Top Chinese Power Tools Manufacturers in 2023


Power tools are the heartbeat of numerous industries, facilitating operations, enhancing efficiency, and defining the quality of the end product. When it comes to sourcing high-quality power tools, China is a dominant player in the global landscape, boasting some of the world’s top power tools manufacturers. For businesses seeking reliable sources, understanding these top players is essential. This article offers a comprehensive review of the best Chinese power tools manufacturers in 2023, ensuring you make informed decisions for your sourcing needs.

Leadership Echelon: Pinnacle of China’s Power Tool Companies

TTI (TTi):


Established in 1985 by visionaries Mr. Horst Julius Pudwill and Zhong Zhiping, TTi quickly positioned itself as a dominant force in the power tools sector. By 1987, the company was already supplying cordless power tools to major U.S. dealers. TTi made significant progress in 1988 when they inaugurated their first manufacturing plant in Dongguan, China. This momentum continued with their listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 1990 and further expansion into brand acquisitions by 1999. Today, TTi is recognized globally with powerhouse brands like MILWAUKEE and RYOBI under its belt. While TTi was co-founded by foreign and Chinese partners as a Hong Kong-funded enterprise, its heart beats in China: the TTi Group Asia-Pacific Center in Dongguan manages a whopping 80% of the company’s production. In 2020 alone, TTi reported impressive global sales exceeding USD9.8 billion, with power tools contributing around USD8.7 billion, or 89% of this total. With such achievements, TTi has firmly established itself as a pivotal company in the global power tools market.

Leading Echelon: The “Three Peaks” of Chinese Power Tools


chervon 1

Founded in 1993, CHERVON stands at the helm of renowned brands such as DEVON, X-TRON, EGO, SKIL, and FLEX, driven by a mission to create a better world through superior tools. Over the span of 26 years, their unwavering commitment to innovation has propelled CHERVON to impressive heights, solidifying its stature as an industry frontrunner in cutting-edge lithium battery technology. Boasting a presence in over 30,000 retail outlets across 65 countries, CHERVON ranks among the most prominent suppliers in the global power tools and outdoor equipment landscape. With a remarkable turnover of USD4.443 billion in 2019 and a current sales figure around USD1 billion, CHERVON truly earns its reputation as the reigning powerhouse of the Mainland.

2. POSITEC Group:

positec 1

Established in 1994, the Baoshide Group stands as a global conglomerate, seamlessly melding power tool R&D, manufacturing, and marketing under its expansive umbrella. Positioned at the cutting edge of DIY power drills and innovative smart lawnmowers, the company has also pioneered the cordless pressure washer. Its flagship brands, Worx, Rockwell, and Kress, command widespread respect and have a presence in over 100 countries and regions globally. Supported by a dedicated team of over 4,000 professionals and boasting an impressive 6,700 patents, Baoshide Group annually rolls out more than 10 million power tools, further cementing its industry leadership.

3. Dong Cheng


Jiangsu Dongcheng Power Tools Co., Ltd, established in 1995, stands as a paramount enterprise in China’s domestic professional power tools manufacturing landscape. Serving as the vice president of the China Electrical Apparatus Industry Association Power Tools Branch, Dongcheng epitomizes excellence in the industry. The company’s state-of-the-art industrial production base spans 139,000 square meters, including 88,000 square meters of dedicated construction area. This expansive facility houses modern industrial workshops, first-rate production and testing equipment, and is supported by a team of highly skilled senior engineers, management personnel, and over 3,800 employees. A proven leader in its field, Dongcheng has retained the title of China’s No. 1 domestic power tools manufacturer for several decades. With an annual sales volume surpassing 20 million units, generating nearly 1 billion US dollars, Dongcheng truly earns its moniker as the “King of Domestic Brand of Power Tools in China.”

Leading Echelon: China’s Leading Power Tool Companies (Part)

1. Greenworks GROUP:

globe group

Established in 2002, Greenworks Co., Ltd. stands at the forefront of the new energy garden machinery sector. Renowned for its commitment to pioneering lithium battery technology, GLOBE is a key player in the global garden machinery market. The company’s impressive portfolio of clientele features retail giants and e-commerce behemoths like Lowe’s, Amazon, Walmart, CTC, Costco, The Home Depot, Harbor Freight Tools, Bauhaus, and Leroy Merlin. Additionally, esteemed brands such as Stihl, Toro, B&S, and Stiga also form part of their customer base. Since 2009, GLOBE has successfully launched brands like Greenworks and POWERWORKS, with Greenworks, in particular, garnering significant acclaim and trust in both the North American and European markets. In 2021, products under the company’s proprietary brands generated 56.97% of their total revenue, marking a dominant contribution to their earnings. That same year, Greenworks reported an impressive operating income of US$503,891,300.

2. Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tool Co., Ltd:

jinfeida 1

Founded in 1994, Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools Co., Ltd. stands as a leading manufacturer of diverse power tools. Spanning an impressive 180,000 square meters, the company boasts fixed assets valued at 160 million yuan and is backed by a dedicated team of over 2,000 employees.
In 1997, Jinfeida achieved ISO9001 quality certification, underscoring its commitment to international quality standards. The company’s flagship products have earned various international recognitions including the U.S. UL, Germany’s GS, UK’s BS, Canada’s CSA, and the European Community’s CE/EMC. Their extensive product line includes induction motors, tandem motors, household drills, woodworking band saws, lathes, sanders, belt sanders, cutting machines, jigsaws, circular saws, and more, totaling to hundreds of distinct specifications and types. Proudly, Jinfeida exports its products to over 40 countries across five continents.

3. Jiangsu JinDing Power Tools Co., Ltd:

jinding 1

Jin Ding, founded in 1998, boasts a rich portfolio of power tools, with sales soaring beyond 5 million sets.
Established in 1998, Jiangsu Jinding Power Tools has emerged as a major hub for power tool exports in the nation. The company occupies a sprawling 550,000-square-meter facility and is fortified by assets exceeding 200 million yuan. With over 1,300 dedicated employees, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and nationally accredited laboratories, Jinding stands as one of the largest professional manufacturers in the sector.
Jinding boasts an impressive production capacity: annually, the company produces over 3 million units of cordless tools, another 3 million units of diverse power tools, and over 2 million units of grinding wheels. In 1999 alone, Jinding achieved an industrial output value of 980 million yuan, foreign trade exports worth 550 million yuan, self-exports of 15 million U.S. dollars, profits surpassing 50 million yuan, and a total production of over 5 million power tools.
Dedicated to maintaining the highest quality, Jinding adheres to international standards for all its products. This commitment is underscored by prestigious certifications such as the American UL, German GS, and the European Community’s EMC/CE.

4. Jiangsu DaYi Electromechanical Tools Co., Ltd (DaYi):

dayi 1

Emerging in 2012, DaYi quickly climbed the ladder of success. Specializing in lithium battery power tools, its annual turnover is nearing RMB 2 billion.
Incepted on July 30, 2012, Jiangsu Dayi Technology Co., Ltd. stands as one of China’s foremost comprehensive power tools manufacturers, boasting a registered capital of 10,000,000 RMB. The company proudly operates two expansive production facilities, spanning a combined area exceeding 100,000 square meters. Dayi’s diverse product range encompasses AC tools, DC tools, pneumatic tools, measurement instruments, gasoline-driven tools, welder series tools, and more.
Furthermore, Jiangsu Dayi Technology Co., Ltd. operates as a fully-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Dayi Control and Investment Co., Ltd. This parent entity commands a hefty registered capital of 200 million RMB and sees an annual turnover nearing 2 billion RMB. As a manufacturing powerhouse rooted in China but serving a global clientele, the company specializes in the research, design, production, testing, and sales of lithium battery-powered tools.

5. Jiangsu SUMEC Hardware Tools Co., Ltd:

sumec 1

Established in 1978, SUMEC Corporation (SUMEC) proudly operates as a key member of the SINOMACH Group. Through over four decades of dedicated evolution and the tireless commitment of several generations at SUMEC, the company has flourished into a globally recognized and diversified enterprise group, notable for its vast market presence and brand reputation in industrial chain development and supply chain management.
By the close of 2022, SUMEC boasts a network that includes 12 business subsidiaries, 39 international entities, and 29 wholly-owned or partnered industrial factories globally. The corporation employs a robust workforce of 16,593 professionals and serves markets in over 160 countries and regions. In financial terms, SUMEC reported a business revenue of 141.145 billion yuan in 2022 and conducted trade totaling 12.72 billion U.S. dollars in both imports and exports. This outstanding performance positioned SUMEC at the 80th spot on the 2022 list of China’s top 500 enterprises in terms of wealth. Furthermore, its import and export volumes have consistently placed it amongst the top 500 enterprises in Jiangsu Province, even clinching the top position in its primary industries within the province over successive years.

6. SKYBEST Electric (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd(Vacmaster):


Established in 2006, SKYBEST Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. represents a significant global enterprise with an initial investment of USD 110 million. The company stands at the forefront of innovation, specializing in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of wet and dry vacuum cleaners, garden tools, power tools, and high-speed micro-motors. By 2015, our annual revenue surpassed US$150 million. Today, they serve over 50 countries worldwide, partnering with many of the top 500 global retailers. As a testament to our commitment to innovation, they held over 500 patents as of 2014.

7. Suzhou Yinghe Tools Company Limited (INGCO):


Ingco Tools Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Suzhou. The company specializes in the research, development, and sales of a wide range of products including power tools and their accessories, hand and garden tools, pneumatic tools, agricultural machinery, mechanical equipment, electromechanical items, hardware, household appliances, industrial vacuum cleaners, lighting solutions, measuring tools, safety equipment, and more. Additionally, Ingco offers services such as technological development, technical consulting, technology transfer, and business management consulting. The company also handles the import and export of its products and technologies.

8. Zhejiang yat electric appliance co., Ltd:

yat 1

Founded in 2005 with a registered capital of 316 million RMB, Zhejiang Yate Electric Co., Ltd. is an enterprise dedicated to the research, development, design, production, and sales of eco-friendly garden tools, power tools, and intelligent products. Yate Electric creates multiple own brands, with products that cater to various consumer needs in the global market. Through collaborative efforts, these brands strive to provide quality products that are environmentally conscious and suitable for different work requirements. At the core of YATE’s long-term development lies its innovative approach. In 2011, YATE Technology Center was recognized as the Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, and it has established extensive collaborations with esteemed domestic universities and research institutions.

9. Ningbo DAYE power Garden Equipment Co., Ltd:


Established in February 2006, the company spans over 121 acres and has a registered capital of 120 million yuan. It specializes in the research, design, production, and sales of lawn mowers, weed whackers/brush cutters, other power machinery, and related accessories. The majority of its products are exported to advanced foreign markets. Holding 124 patents, of which 66 are for inventions, the company is at the forefront of industry standardization. They have either led or contributed to the creation of 5 national standards, 10 industry benchmarks, and 1 group standard in Zhejiang. Additionally, they are proud members of the China Forestry Machinery Standardization Technical Committee.

10. Zhejiang Crown Power Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd (crown tools):


Founded in 1983, Zhejiang Crown Power Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the technical research, production, and customer service for professional-grade tools. Their extensive product range includes power tools, lithium-based tools, garden equipment, engine tools, specialized metal tools, small motors, and a variety of tool accessories. Their products have gained popularity and are distributed in over a hundred countries and regions, spanning continents such as Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Australia.

11. Zhejiang Sanfeng Industrial Co., Ltd (safun):

safun 1

Founded in 2008, Zhejiang Safun Industrial Co., Ltd., with a significant registered capital of 87 million yuan, operates as a joint-stock private enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of electric garden tools, eco-friendly garden machinery, and lithium garden tools. Under the banner of Safun, their product spectrum is extensive, consisting of two primary categories: “garden tools” and “other specialty tools.” This range encompasses 28 distinct series, showcasing over 130 different products including electric chain saws, chain grinders, lawn mowers, gasoline saws, angle grinders, electric drills, hammers, stone cutters, electric wood mills, cutters, jigsaws, and more. Representing their commitment to quality and innovation, Safun proudly promotes three independent brands: SAFUN, TAYDY, and LINGDI. To date, their products have found their way to more than 62 countries and regions, including nations like Russia, Germany, Spain, Britain, Poland, and Brazil.

12. Ken Holding Co., Ltd:


Founded in 2000, is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-grade professional power tools, and is one of the few domestic power tools factories that have successfully developed and industrialized high-grade professional power tools in China. 2022, the company achieved operating income of USD74.746 million, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company of $3.9342 million. In 2022, the company will realize operating revenue of 74.746 million US dollars and net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company of 700 thousand US dollars.


China’s power tools manufacturing landscape is diverse, innovative, and highly competitive. With companies like TTI, CHERVON, POSITEC, and many others leading the way, China has established itself as a key player in the global market. Whether you’re an importer, brand owner, wholesaler, or e-commerce customer, these power tools manufacturers offer a range of products and solutions that can meet your business needs. As technology advances, these companies continue to push the boundaries, setting new standards in quality, efficiency, and innovation.


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A List of Top Chinese Power Tools Manufacturers in 2023


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A List of Top Chinese Power Tools Manufacturers in 2023


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