FR-160 160W Rotary Tool Kit

Electric grinder is suitable for fine wood carving, grinding, cutting, polishing, etc., and can also be used for grinding jade and so on. It is convenient and small, with high speed. The work can be completed efficiently, and it can be polished very delicately. Suitable for high-precision work.


Input power: 160W

No load speed: 10000-32000rpm

Collects size: 0.8mm-3.2mm

BMC package

  • Versatile 3 Attachments – Flex shaft with a comfortable grip pen gives you more precision and detailed crafting. Cutting guide with ruler to control the drilling depth with more ease when drilling. An extra bonus sharpening attachment working with grinding stones can be used to sharpen most of your cutting tools like shears, scissors, knives, lawnmower blades.
  • Universal Chuck Selection – This rotary tool accepts all rotary tool accessories with shank sizes from 1/16” to 1/8” by changing different collets, is able to compatible with other branded rotary machine tool accessories like Dremel, GOXAWEE, Apex Forge on the markets. Spindle lock for easily changing accessories.
  • Wide Speed Range Selection – the max speed of 32,000 rpm always keeps your working more efficient, stepless speed adjustment dial easy to control the speed from 10,000-32,000 rpm, when you make delicate engravings on wood, glass, metals, plastics, tile, and other materials with control easily. Suitable for different applications.
  • Amazing Gift – Machine and accessories all are well organized and packed in a compact and sturdy carrying case, falling resistant and moisture-proof. It is really great kit for DIY craft and small family projects and an excellent gift to people who are keen on handmade stuff.
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